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Our Products

We know that each individual’s health challenges are unique; this is why we support clients on their wellness journeys with an array of products and lifestyle offerings. Developed by Stacy in collaboration with leading product formulation experts, the Medicine Women branded line of products and supplements incorporates ingredients of the highest quality, to ease symptoms, promote better health and provide a premium user experience.

Medicine Women’s

PRO GOLD Rejuvenating CBD Massage and Facial Oil


Utilizing Organic Unfiltered Cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Seed Oil, Organic Pure MCT Oil, and Raspberry Seed Extract,  Medicine Women’s Synergistic Essential Oil Blend has rich citrus notes mixed with the florals of Bergamot and Jasmine and is grounded in a powerful base of pure organic Cedarwood.


Medicine Women’s medicinal quality CBD is derived from Full Spectrum Non-GMO Hemp grown in the USA. Utilizing the patented Pure CO2© Extraction Technology.


Medicine Women PRO GOLD Massage Oil contains one of the highest-grade concentrations of Organic Pure CBD on the market today - a single ounce delivers over 170 mg of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp extract.

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